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The world of Fleurs de Chantal

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what are essential oils

Essential oils are distilled from different parts of herbs and flowers by rushing steam through the plant material. The resulting condensed fluids are not really oils, but volatile, non-oily essences that have molecules so small they penetrate the skin tissue. As part of a healing treatment, aromatherapy oils are usually combined with massage oil, a bath or steam to promote cell regeneration, rid the body of toxins and relieve tension. 

why organic

Organic products are safe for people and the environment. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are ever used. 


Aromatherapy is an ancient science: a part of herbal medicine that uses essential plant oils to produce strong physical and emotional effects in the body. The oils act on many different levels. They have a healing action on the physical plane. They restore energy balance.They have deep subconscious effects on the emotions. They are elevating and soothing on the spiritual plane. Aromatherapy techniques are now reaching both the home and workplace with air diffusers and inhalers to relieve mental and physical stress and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

I have been using Chantal's products for over 15 years...everything she does she infuses with love and healing. I use her eucalyptus and lavender essential oils in my salt bath and the eucalyptus is also great under the nose and on the chest (rub into a little hand/body lotion) to open up your airways and reduce allergies. Her tea tree oil is essential for travel.Chantal is a gifted and well-respected healer and her products are a cherished by-product of that gift.

 I always trust they are of the highest quality. I never forget to bring her eucalyptus and tea tree oils when I fly and I use the lavender in my baths. Can't recommend her products enough.

- Jason F. (San Diego)

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